In Singapore, the quickest way for a company or organization to create a web presence is to start a Facebook page. Even if you are not familiar with Facebook page creation, you can learn about it fairly quickly, either by learning from Youtube or by attending subsidized courses offered by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Launching With Facebook Page

The Facebook page is especially attractive to small business owners because it is quick, easy and free. Since website coding skills are not required, a company can create a decent Facebook page for business in minutes, without engaging IT staff or tech support.

The Facebook page is easy to use with desktop and mobile devices. Facebook page comes complete with commentary, discussion, reviews and visitor posting of photos and videos. You do not have to pay someone to add these functionalities. A company can propel its web presence easily with followers’ promotions and automatic social media updates.

How About A Company Website

Facebook offers very little creative freedom for users to organize information and share it in fanciful ways. Almost all Facebook pages look alike from one company to another. If your primary business requires a commercial online shop front, then a website is necessary for visitors to look at products, services and contact information. A website also allows the deployment of add-ons (known as plugins and widgets) to do things creatively. From layout to colors to navigation, you can design a website that is unique to your company’s business goals.

More often a website serves not only as online storefront, it also serves as a showroom for customers to understand your product features and specifications. Customers even assess your business credibility by your web design, images and reviews. Not having a website would be like not having a physical store to showcase your business.

Quick Website Setup

If a company is already in engagement with customers through a Facebook page, a quick solution is to generate the existing Facebook page into a website using a Facebook-to-Website converter. The main advantage of such approach is the cutting down of website development time with minimum reliance on web development. In recent years, many powerful converters have emerged. Paid version of Facebook Page Converter offers 1-click setup with advanced functionalities for companies to generate beautiful website from an existing Facebook page.

Whereas if a company decides to launch a website from scratch, outside of Facebook page, a reputable free hosting website such as or is a good start. The advantage of hosting with these sites is the ease of setup and making changes with minimum reliance on web development staff. These sites require you to keep your company under their domain name, such as or This is quite acceptable if the company is already having a successful Facebook strategy and the website for supplementary web presence.

Website Setup With And

It is fairly easy to learn about website setup on and, either by learning from internet courses or by attending free community courses. For company setting up small website, it is worth the investment to spend the little time learning this before implementing the site.

One option in and is for a company to setup the site with proper .com domain name. At one of the steps during signing up, offers domain name registration at about $20 per year, to help company grab a proper domain name. With this option, the company website name is changed from to Everything else remains the same, allowing the company to enjoy all the user-friendly features of website setup. This option helps a company to jump start web presence with minimum technical knowledge on web hosting.