International Baccalaureate (IB) is a high quality international education program for worldwide community. IB is the preferred education program for most international schools and there are more than 3,000 IB schools in more than 140 countries.

IB Subjects

In recent years, there are growing interests among schools to offer IB program to encourage international-mindedness among students. IB schools are often popular as they offer niche education program for students to research and reflect critically. It also offers unique educational opportunities for students to co-develop special talents, such as sports and arts.

IB Math is structured to cater for students with varied mathematical skills and orientation. As similar to other subject group in IB Diploma Program, IB Math is offered at standard level (Mathematics SL) and higher level (Mathematics HL). In addition, 2 other options are also available: Mathematical Studies SL and Further mathematics SL.

Math Options For IB Diploma Program

Mathematical Studies SL is the lowest division of the IB Mathematics program. For students with weak math backgrounds, Mathematical Studies SL helps to build confidence and encourage an appreciation of mathematics in them. Mathematical Studies SL is popular among students who do not anticipate a need for mathematics in their future studies.

At the other end Further Mathematics SL is the highest division of the IB Mathematics program. For students with good background in mathematics, Further Mathematics SL caters for students with a good background in mathematics who have attained a high degree of competence in a range of analytical and technical skills, and who display considerable interest in the subject. IB students who have completed Further Mathematics SL will study mathematics at university, either as a subject in its own right or as a major component of a related subject.

Learning IB Math

There are many IB Math international resource sites offering studies video lessons and studies powerpoints. Some sites also offer downloadable IB Math practice sets and question papers. Generally these resources are useful not only to IB Math students but also to the non-IB students. Math topics such as “Compound Interest” and “Variations And Percentage Change” are well-explained and are beneficial to all students.

Singapore is a country shaping up to be the education hub of the region. By promoting official bilingualism, English and Chinese, Singapore has already carved out a unique role in Southeast Asia as a hub for multinational firms, capitalizing on its educated workforce and language skills. Singapore schools and universities offer a mix of courses, from art and design to business and engineering. Studying in Singapore offers students a rich experience – both academically and culturally.

Singapore IB Math

Singapore IB Math offers similar coverage as the Secondary and Junior-College math in local schools. In IB year 7 to 10, IB math covers syllabus leading to Cambridge General Certificate of Education ‘Ordinary’ Level examination (GCE ‘O’ Level).

However, as similar to other subject group, IB Math year 7 to 10 tends to cover more math concepts than their counterparts in local school. Some topics differentiate IB math from local syllabus are: Functions, Relations, Permutation and Combination.