WordPress themes are files that work together to create the design and functionality of a WordPress website. It is the “template” to ensure that the website maintains a consistent look and feel from page to page.

Free WordPress Themes

WordPress offers thousands of free themes for user to change the design of a website. Site owners can browse and select any theme to install for evaluation. This will change the website look and feel instantly. Site owners can even try out the few thousands WordPress free themes and select the one that best suit the company’s preference.

For beginners, evaluating theme after theme aimlessly can be a very frustrating experience. The search function on the WordPress theme page is unsophisticated. It offers search filters that are neither practical nor useful, such as colors, layout, features, and subject. To narrow down search results and select a good theme quickly, a Google search should be used in parallel.

Premium WordPress Themes

There are also thousands of commercial premium WordPress themes at hundreds of “theme shops” available for purchase. Some theme shops offer club membership options for discounts and benefits.

A buyer should check on support reviews of the premium WordPress theme shop before committing the purchase. Another approach is to visit WordPress Showcase to see how WordPress themes are used for website ranging from business, people, celebrities, education, entertainment, technology, college, music and culture. If you like any of the site design, just run a WordPress detector check to shortlist the theme and plugins for your use.

Important WordPress Theme Features For Business Website

Generally there are 2 important features a beginner must look for when selecting a WordPress theme For Business: Responsiveness and lightweight. Additionally, under theme customization, it is good to have setting options for header, layout, color and font. One other “trendy feature” for a business WordPress Theme is the CTA (Call to action) buttons.

Other “good to have” features can always be implemented by deploying WordPress Plugins. A Plugin is a small little software module that can be installed into WordPress to perform a specific task. It serves to extend and expand the functionality of a WordPress website. For example, you can install plugins to provide contact form, sticky menu, grid design, Google font, Geo-display, slider and many more. There are usually several plugins to choose from for a specific feature.

Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive WordPress themes automatically adapt to the device type, screen size and resolution on which they are being viewed. This means that your website will look great whatever the screen size or device your visitors is using to visit your site, from desktop computers to tablets to smartphones. Most of the newer WordPress themes are designed to be responsive.

Theme with a responsive design makes your website display perfectly on all devices. Responsive design solves the problem of making a website work for the endless number of new mobile devices and resolutions.

Lightweight WordPress Themes

One of the most important user experience of a website is speed of loading. The faster a website runs, the more visitor will return and explore on the company’s products and services. A lean and clean WordPress theme is therefore an essential starting point for website designed for business purpose. More importantly, a lightweight theme usually works more stably with WordPress Plugins when adding functionalities and features to the website.

WordPress themes that are developed using a “Theme Framework” usually comes with many additional codes to facilitate functionalities expansion. This usually means that the theme is not lightweight, even if the framework claims itself to be “optimized” for speed. The same applies to the many free WordPress themes that offer “Upgrade to Premium version”. The free themes are usually coded with optional features that can be turned on if a user pay for it. These additional codes can easily make the theme clumsy and slow.