When conducting online search with keyword “adult English”, the results are mainly related to “adult English course”, “adult English schools” and “English lessons for adult”.

Online Search On Adult Chinese

Similar return is observed when online search is conducted on the word “adult Mandarin”.

However, online searching with keyword “adult Chinese” yields very different results – Only half of the results are related to Chinese lessons. The other half are more related to “adult Chinese movies”.

Adult Asian Languages

Interestingly, online search on the word “adult Japanese” and “adult Korean” produce similar outcomes

It is interesting to note how the internet world gathers information on “adult Mandarin”, “adult English”, “adult Chinese”, “adult Japanese” and “adult Korean”. It seems that the interest in Asian language is as strong as the adult movies.

Learning Advanced Chinese

One way to learn advanced Chinese is through watching movies on Chinese classics, such as Tale of Water Margin (水浒传), Dream of Red Mansions (红楼梦), Journey to the West (西游记) and Romance of Three Kingdoms (三国演义).

Students in some countries are offered the academic option to study advanced Chinese where these Chinese classics are compulsory reading. One example is the offering of “Higher Chinese (高级华文)” as an academic option in Singapore schools. Students who take Higher Chinese are often advised to watch the related movies before reading the classics.

Lower Chinese

Some language institutions attempt to teach Chinese in adult-movie style, deploying sexy Chinese as tutor. These movies are produced for very low level (低级) learners, in contrast to the “Higher Chinese (高级华文)” learners. In the context of Hong Kong movie classification, these movies are likely to be classified as “third level (三级)”. In this respect it is more appropriate to classify this type of Chinese as “third level Chinese (三级华文)”.

This way of classifying Chinese learners is consistent with the internet results: interest in Asian language is as strong as the adult movies. The real world is probably not too far from the virtual world: there are likely to be as many low level learners as high level learners.