Web Hosting For Singapore Company

It is important for Singapore company to work with one company for domain name registration and another company for web hosting. It is also important for Singapore company to choose…

Singapore IB Math

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a high quality international education program for worldwide community. IB is the preferred education program for most international schools and there are more than 3,000 IB…

Singapore Math Syndrome

Singapore’s math curriculum gained international interest when the students outperformed children in other countries to score the highest in math and science in a 2003 study.

Math And Chinese Tutor

Asian students of Chinese origin are known to learn Math and Chinese better than non-Asians. Students from Asian countries such as Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong usually…

Math Tutor Online

Math tutors online offers easy and understandable lessons for students. For effectively learning, tutoring lessons are designed with math videos, study tips, math question for practice and many step-by-step math…



Learn Mandarin

Everyone can learn Mandarin successfully with the right approach. Traditional instruction relies on rote memorization with is not very effective. There is also the language lab method which evolved later…

Chinese Lessons And Courses

When conducting online search with keyword “adult English”, the results are mainly related to “adult English course”, “adult English schools” and “English lessons for adult”.

Math Games

Mathematics is not only a core subject in school, it is also a mandatory subject for students of all age. Through mathematics students get a deep insight into the world…



Study Chinese

With globalization, outsourcing and free trade, the world is fast changing economically, politcally and sociologically. Over the years China has grown to become a major economy for the West to…


中国学生申请报读新加坡主流学校都只需参加新加坡教育部所举办的国际学生入学考试(Admissions Exercise for International Students,简称AEIS)。通过AEIS考试的申请者会收到新加坡教育部的入校通知,说明所分配到的学校及报读详情。


国际文凭大学预科(International Baccalaureate Diploma Program,简称IBDP)是一个高素质的国际性教育课程。全球各国的国际学校都视IB教育课程为首选。新加坡的国际学校也不例外。不但如此,许多新加坡本土学校也开始对IB课程产生浓厚的兴趣。近几年来,多家新加坡本土学校已开始提供IB课程以培育更具备国际意识的学生。





Normal Academic Math

Promotion criteria for Normal Academic (NA) students were revised in 2009 to base on N-Level examination aggregate score on EMB3 (English, Math and best 3 subjects). The revision aligns promotion…

O Level For Normal Academic Student

Normal Academic (NA) streaming was introduced in early 1990s with the purpose of allowing students with different abilities and learning styles to develop and sustain an interest in their studies.…

Choosing Secondary School

Choosing a secondary school at Primary 6 is the first big decision in life for all Singapore students. Helping the child to choose secondary school can be a confusing task…

Secondary School Posting Appeal

Entering into secondary school, life could be smooth sailing for some students but not all. There are many occasions where a secondary student needs to make a school appeal for…